General Event Info & Reminders

Before you head to New Orleans.....

Fais Do Do Festival & Bayou St. John
Bring 1-2 pop-up tents for your team to put up at Bayou St. John all day Friday, in the University Center parking lot all day Saturday, and at the Fais Do Do on Saturday night. Bring folding bag chairs for all your team and guest. Towels and blankets for relaxing are nice to have as well.
All teams are encouraged to bring their own homemade or manufactured festival like games to setup in front of their team tent as well as any items to present your school spirit.

Concrete Canoe Competition Teams
Concrete Canoe teams should bring non-slip water shoes for launching and getting in and out of the canoe. The Bayou side is concrete lined, but can be slippery. You may also want to bring some sort of pad, blow up raft, or floatation noodles to help park your canoe and protect it from the concrete lined bayou side.

Surveying Competition Teams
Surveying teams are reminded to read over the rules to check that they are bringing the equipment needed for their competition. Surveying teams should also bring a printed copy of their topo map to display for public viewing and for judging during the presentation.

Sustainable Solutions Teams
For teams competing in the Sustainable Solutions Competition, bring your easel with you if you have your own. UNO will provide a limited number of easels for the poster presentations.
Preferred dimensions would be 63-66” tall, tripod-type easel.  If your team needs to purchase one, Amazon has inexpensive, portable easels (click link for example). Teams will be responsible for the shipping/transport of easels and projects to and from the symposium.

No events will take place at any of the hotels. Overnight trailer parking is provided at the UNO University Center Parking Lot. Pick up a trailer parking pass at registration. Parking close to Bayou St. John on Friday is limited to street side parking. The map indicates additional public parking that is located ½ mile from the event site. We encourage you to come in a group vehicle if possible and drop off if possible. We will designate side street parking for 1 towing truck/van with a trailer or a moving truck/van per school. 

Other Non-Competition Reminders
Registration: Thursday, March 7 from 1 pm – 4 pm. UNO University Center Gallery Lounge (201)
Licensure Boards table: Thursday, March 7 at 4 pm – 7 pm UC Gallery Lounge. Stop by and visit with representatives from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.
Presentation: “Guidelines for effective, shorter, and more productive meetings.” By Lisa Roache, Chief Executive Officer of Gainey’s: Thursday, March 7 at 4-4:45 pm UC meeting room 208, Open to all. The 2 delegates from each school are highly encouraged to attend this presentation which will help prepare you for the Business Meeting.
ASCE information table: Thursday, March 7 at 1 pm – 4 pm UC Gallery Lounge and Friday, March 8 at Bayou St. John 8 am – 3 pm. Stop by the table to learn more about ASCE.
Networking Social Event: Friday, March 8 at 7-9 pm. UNO Sandbar in the Cove on Founders Road. Casual attire.
Awards Ceremony: March 9, 2024 6-7 pm. UNO Amphitheater (grassy hill area, may bring a towel or blanket) Super Casual/Comfortable attire.