ASCE Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility for Society Competitions

Invitations to Student Symposia and ASCE Student Civil Engineering Championships/Society-wide Competition Finals are a privilege, not a right. Failure to act professionally can result in letters of reprimand, mandatory behavior management plans, and loss of invitations to further competition for individual institutions and/or entire conferences.  Please note that the requirements for eligibility for Society-wide competition finals are more stringent than the requirements for participation at the student symposia competitions.

 Eligibility for Student Symposium Competition 

The following qualifications are required of all ASCE Student Chapters to compete at the Student Symposia Competitions:

An ASCE Student Chapter must:

1. Be in good standing with ASCE:

a. Have paid their annual dues, as received by ASCE, no later than the start of their Student Symposium.

b. Have submitted their student chapter full Annual Report or EZ Annual Reporting Form no later than February 1, 11:59 p.m.EST

Eligibility for ASCE Society-wide Competition Finals 

The following qualifications are required of all ASCE Student Chapters in order to advance to the ASCE Society-wide Competition Finals:

 An ASCE Student Chapter must:

1. Be in good standing with ASCE:

a. Have paid their annual dues, as received by ASCE, no later than February 1, 11:59 p.m.EST 

b. Have submitted their student chapter’s full Annual Reportno later than February 1, 11:59 p.m.EST and have received a minimum score of 25 points out of a possible 100. Student Chapters that submit an EZ annual reporting form do not qualify to advance on to competition finals; and

2. Attend and participate in their assigned Student Symposium as shown through their school’s:

a. On-time attendance and active participation by a member of the ASCE Student Chapter at the Student Symposium Business Meeting

b. Participation in the Student Symposium Paper Competition, including submission and presentation by a member of the ASCE Student Chapter. Note that any papers/presentations created for any other competition do not count as an entry into the Student Symposium Paper Competition.

(Society-wide Competitions that require eligibility to advance to a finals competition include: Concrete Canoe, Student Steel Bridge, UESI Surveying, Sustainable Solutions)

ASCE Terms and Conditions 

Assumption of Risk and Hold Harmless

All ASCE events and activities are purely voluntary activities, and attendees are fully responsible for their own conduct and well-being, including, and without limitation, determining their level of fitness to take part in any such event or activity. In participating in any event or activity, attendees shall be deemed to understand and accept all risk of possible physical injury that might occur as a result of such participation. Attendees agree to release and hold harmless ASCE and its affiliates, employees, officers, directors, representatives, and agents from any and all alleged and/or actual liability, claims, actions, lawsuits, damages, or losses, of any kind which arise out of or result from attendance at and participation in the conference.

Photo and Video Recording of Sessions

Events and competitions during the ASCE Carolinas Student Symposium may be recorded. By registering for this event, you give your consent for ASCE and/or host university to record your image (video and still), likeness, and voice in connection with this event, and you authorize ASCE and/or host university to reproduce, distribute, exhibit, or use such recording, in whole or in part, for any purpose and in any and all media worldwide and in perpetuity.

Photos, video or audio recording(s) of any educational session is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from both ASCE and the conference host(s).


As outlined in ASCE’s governing documents, ASCE functions and activities are intended to foster the expression and exchange of engineering ideas by all members, regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disabilities, or any other reason not related to scientific or technical merit. It is the responsibility of all participants and guests to conduct themselves in a professional manner in which all persons are treated with dignity and respect. All participants are expected to comply with ASCE’s Code of Conduct at all times in connection with the student symposium.

ADA Compliance/Special Concessions

If you require special assistance at the conference, please submit a written description of your requirements with your registration form or email no later than February 1, 2024. While the host will make every effort to meet your needs, accommodations cannot be guaranteed without notification by the deadline.