About ASCE SC NIT Patna

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), renowned for its illustrious history and enduring legacy, stands as a beacon of excellence in cultivating a seamless transition from academic pursuits to practical industry experience. Our student chapter at NIT Patna has a mission to foster the holistic development of students, equipping them with the requisite skills and acumen essential for the dynamic realm of civil engineering.

Formally inaugurated on November 26, 2022, under the stewardship of Dr. Nityanand Singh Maurya, esteemed Senior Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at NIT Patna, the ASCE has garnered over 100 dedicated members. ASCE NIT Patna has curated a rich tapestry of events, comprising more than 20 impactful initiatives in the preceding academic year, ranging from insightful professional talks on placements to immersive workshops elucidating the nuances of design and STAAD Pro software.

Previously known as the Civil Engineering Students Club (CESC), our transformation not only amplifies the esteemed stature of the Civil Engineering department at NITP but also affords students unparalleled exposure, fostering invaluable networks, mentorship opportunities, and educational resources poised to shape their future endeavours.

Our overarching aim is to unveil the true essence of civil engineering, transcending the confines of traditional classroom pedagogy. Through curated field trips, software proficiency workshops, and a plethora of technical events, ASCE endeavors to kindle a fervent passion for civil engineering among students while instilling a robust work ethic imperative for the transition from academia to the professional sphere.