Student Symposium Paper Competition :

The ASCE Student Symposium Paper Competition emphasizes the importance of being able to write and present a paper as essential communication skills for all engineers and often necessary for advancement in your career. There are  many options for a paper competition at a student symposium. You are encouraged to use your creativity and local issues to generate ideas for this paper competition. In addition to the resources of your student symposium planning committee, local ASCE section and branch leaders and younger member forums are a resource for ideas.

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Structural Designing Contest :

The contest aims to bring together undergraduate and postgraduate civil engineering students to showcase their talent, innovation, and proficiency in structural design using various software tools such as STAAD Pro, Revit, SAP 2000, ETAB and others. This competition provides a platform for students to apply their theoretical knowledge and practical skills to solve real-world structural engineering problems.

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Innovation Quest :

It is a competition designed to push the boundaries of civil engineering by engaging teams of aspiring engineers in solving complex, real-world problems. The competition aims to foster creativity, collaboration, and innovation while addressing the pressing challenges facing modern infrastructure and society. A compelling and multifaceted case study is selected, which is designed to simulate real-world engineering challenges, incorporating factors such as stakeholder interests, regulatory requirements, and resource constraints.

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Real Estate :

The competition aims to evaluate participants’ abilities in producing comprehensive pre-planning reports for civil engineering projects. It emphasizes the importance of construction, planning, and management in the successful execution of such projects. Participants are typically required to analyze a hypothetical civil engineering scenario and develop a detailed pre-planning report that addresses various aspects of the project. By focusing on these key aspects, the competition encourages participants to develop holistic approaches to civil engineering projects, emphasizing the integration of construction, planning, and management principles for optimal project outcomes.

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Scribble :  

An activity of creativity and quick thinking with Scribble, where players must decipher sketches within a limited time to earn points and become the ultimate artist!


 The goal of Scribble is to guess what a player has drawn within a limited time, based on their sketch.


  •  Gather at least two players eager for a lively and imaginative game.
  •  Equip each player with a drawing tool, whether it be paper and pencil. Rules:
  •  Choose a player to start as the “Artist.”
  •  The Artist begins sketching their chosen word without using letters or numbers.
  •  Other players observe the sketch and attempt to guess the word.
  •  Players shout out their guesses.
  •  The first player to correctly guess the word becomes the next Artist.
  •  Time Limit: A time limit is set for each drawing. If no one guesses correctly within the time limit, the Artist reveals the word, and no points are awarded.

Join us for scribble game that ignites creativity, quick wit, and laughter. Let your imagination run wild and dive into the world of Scribble for an unforgettable gaming experience!

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Bingo :

Get ready for a night filled with fun, laughter, and the chance to shout “Bingo!” Join us for our Bingo under “Udgam” , where you can test your luck and strategy against fellow enthusiasts in this classic game of numbers.


Simple – match the numbers called with those on your Bingo card. Aim to complete a set pattern like a line, the four corners, or fill your card for a “Full House.”


  Grab a Bingo card – available in both physical and digital formats.

  Stay alert as the host calls out numbers.

Game play:

  1. The game host or Bingo caller randomly draws a numbered ball or calls out a number.
  2. Players mark the corresponding number on their Bingo card if it matches.
  3. The game continues with numbers being drawn or called until a player completes the required pattern.

Winning Patterns:

  Line: Horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

–  Four Corners: Just the corners.

  Full House: Every single square!

Shout It Out:

Complete the pattern? Yell “Bingo!” and pause the game for a check. If you’re right, you win!

Prizes Galore:

Winners can look forward to exciting prizes like cash, gift certificates, cool merchandise, or even just bragging rights!

Fun Variations:

  Speed Bingo for a faster pace.

  Picture Bingo using images instead of numbers.

  Themed Bingo nights for extra fun.

Be Courteous:

  Keep up with the game to not miss your chance.

  Respect fellow players by keeping distractions to a minimum.

Whether you’re a Bingo veteran or new to the game, our Bingo Night promises an evening of entertainment and the thrill of competition. Bring your lucky charm, and let’s see who gets to shout “Bingo!”

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Geoguessr :

Embark on a global adventure at NIT Patna ,celebrating a century ,through ”UDGAM” ,Geoguessr game awaits ,challenging you to unravel locations through clues and celebrate the spirit of exploration.

Objective :

 The main aim of geoguessr is to accurately identify the location of a random street view image from various global destination.


 Players require a device with internet access to use the Geoguessr app or website . Gameplay

  •       A street view image from Google maps is displayed to the player
  •       Utilizing the map interface ,participants pinpoint their guesses by strategically placing a marker on the global map.
  •       Time Limits :A time limit is set for the guesses.
  •       Limited Guesses : Limited number of guesses per round.
  •       No move mode :Not allowed to move the map for closer look.

 Earning Points :

  •       Exact guess:5000 points
  •       Within 100 meters: 4000 points
  •       Within 500 meters :3000 points
  •       Within 1500 metres :2000 points
  •       Within 2500 metres :1000 points

Who Will Win?

Victory will belong to the player with the highest score ,within predetermined time .

Join us for a thrilling experience of Geoguessr ,a game of skill and geography knowledge that promises exciting celebration of fun ,explore different places virtually ,and create lasting memories.

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