Local Competition Rules

ASCE’s Got Talent is here to allow competitors to take a break from the engineer’s mindset and allow for ASCE student members to show off their non-engineering skills and talents. 

Judges will grade based on originality, quality, stage-presence, appropriateness, and overall engagement. 


  1. Performers must be a part of ASCE and a part of one of the competing school’s chapters. No outsiders will be allowed to participate.
  2. Three entries will be allowed per school. These can be solo performances or group performances up to ten people. 
  3. Performances must be safe and family friendly – no profanity, violence, or any explicit content is allowed. One or two offenses can lead to a reduction in points and repeated offenses can result in a disqualification for your performance group. 
  4. Time limit will be up to 7 minutes. You can go over a maximum of 10 seconds. Any more will result in a reduction of points. 
  5. Acts must provide their own props. Nothing will be provided except audio equipment (microphone). 
  6. Please have an idea of your performance and email it to [email protected] for approval by March 30th. Once approved, please stick to that performance for the competition. If your idea was rejected, come up with another send it to the aforementioned email address. 
  7. The decisions made by judges or the show’s management in setting rules or evaluating a performance are usually considered final and are not subject to complaint or alteration.