Society-wide and Regional Competitions

2023 ASCE Society-wide Competitions

Student Chapter Resources Needed To Compete in Society Competitions and Events
Please visit ASCE Society-wide Competition Rules & Regulations to view the “Student Chapter Resources Needed For Society Competitions and Events” table. This resource table outlines student chapter resources and time needed to compete in each of the Society-wide competitions, pilot competitions, and events. (Note that this is guidance and estimates. Student chapters should use their judgment and take their specific circumstances into account when planning and preparing for competitions.)

ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition

ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition


Since the early 1970s, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) student chapters have competed to be the best at designing, constructing, and racing concrete canoes. During that time, canoe mixtures and designs have varied, but the long-established tradition of teamwork, camaraderie, and spirited competition has been constant. Each year, teams, their associates, judges, and other participants build upon this tradition. This year, teams answered a call for Technical Proposals and Enhanced Focus Area Reports and are competing to be the winning bid on a prototype standardized canoe design for future concrete canoe competitions. Learn more about the competition.

AISC/ASCE Student Steel Bridge Competition

ASCE and the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) are partnering to offer the Student Steel Bridge Competition (SSBC) at ASCE Student Symposia.

The mission of the Student Steel Bridge Competition is to challenge students to extend their classroom knowledge to a practical and hands-on steel-design project that grows their interpersonal and professional skills, encourages innovation, and fosters impactful relationships between students and industry professionals. Learn more about the competition.

Timber-Strong Design Build Competition – Pilot Competition


ASCE has partnered with the American Wood Council (AWC), APA – Engineered Wood Association (APA), and Simpson Strong-Tie (SST) to pilot the Timber-Strong Design Build℠ (TSDB℠) Competition. The competition seeks student teams to design and build an artistically creative 2-story wood light-framed building that is sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and structurally durable.

Learn more about the competition partners:

ASCE Student Symposium Paper Competition (MANDATORY)

The ASCE Student Symposium Paper Competition emphasizes the importance of being able to write and present a paper as essential communication skills for all engineers and often necessary for advancement in your career.

Good faith participation in the ASCE Student Symposium Paper Competition, including submission and presentation by at least one (1) member of the ASCE Student Chapter, is a requirement to advance to an ASCE Society-wide Competition Finals.  Competitions requiring this include Concrete Canoe, Student Steel Bridge, UESI Surveying, Innovation Contest, and Sustainable Solutions.

No other Society-wide competition report or paper may serve as a submission for the ASCE Student Symposium Paper Competition.

This competition follows the National-level Daniel W. Mead student paper competition rules
published by ASCE on the following website:
The same topic and rules will be used at the Mid-Pacific Conference, but the Mid-Pacific Student Symposium Competition also includes an oral presentation component. Please be advised that the submittal to the Mid-Pacific Student Symposium Mead Paper Competition should not be confused with the National Daniel W. Mead nomination. Although the same topic and rules are used for both competitions, they are separate competitions with separate
submittal requirements for each.

Please refer to the website for submittal requirements and specifications for the national Daniel W. Mead Student paper competition.

2023 Regional Competitions

Regional Competitions

Rules coming soon…

The objective of the Geo-Wall competition is to design and build a model of a mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining wall using paper reinforcement attached to a poster board wall facing. Students are to design a MSE wall using the least amount of reinforcement needed to support the retained soil and design loads, and effectively communicate their analysis and design processes.

Rules coming soon…

The ASCE Mid-Pacific Student Water Treatment Competition is a competition in which students will work in teams to build a filtration system that will be judged based on water quality, design report, construction, efficiency, cost, and an oral presentation. Simulated wastewater will be loaded into the filter and teams will be ranked and are expected to collaborate in solving this real-world problem. The competitors will use materials attainable at a hardware store to design their filter which will treat wastewater based on real-world scenarios in the rules of the competition.

Rules coming soon…

The Mini Games are designed to allow participants to interact, engage, and enjoy the symposium outside of the traditionally hosted competitions. There will be various group activities each school can participate in. They will occur before, during, and after the Concrete Canoe competition on Friday, April 21st, and all day throughout the Chico State Campus on Saturday, April 22nd, 2023.