Frequently asked questions

Do you typically book the flights for all of your PSWS attendees, or do you have them purchase and handle it themselves?

The club pays for all of the attendees at once through the airline group travel using the funds we gathered from fundraising and each student attendee’s conference dues. We asked for half of each attendee’s dues (non-refundable) before the end of the year and the remaining half sometime in the new year before conference. This helped to simultaneously cover the cost of flights and alleviate the burden of paying the total cost upfront for students.

To help students financially, we also incentivized fundraising opportunities by allowing any extra fundraising over the requirement to contribute to the student’s conference cost which you may want to consider if you haven’t yet.

If you do purchase flights for your entire group, do you usually put down a deposit for it or pay for it all at once?

We went through Hawaiian Airlines group travel portal. There was a  $50/seat deposit and we paid the total cost within two weeks. Every airline is different though and it doesn’t hurt to ask what discounts or benefits they offer for group travel.

Are there any airlines that you recommend? At the moment we are just going based off of the most reasonably priced flights.

Yes, I suggest going off of the most reasonably priced and convenient arrival/departure times available. 

Additional advice on booking flights and transportation arrangements

Once you arrange your flights, I suggest you find your assigned drivers early on so you can coordinate your passenger assignments for certain days and be able to reserve your vans under the designated drivers names. 

In regards to luggage, we had each person pay for their own. But if a pair shared a luggage, they would split the cost and automatically room together. This was an incentive to help make space in our vans to and from the airport.

What kind of container does the University of Hawaii at Manoa typically use?

The University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) typically uses a 40’ Dry High Cube Container (Approximate Dimensions 8’ x 8’ x 40’) rented from Pasha Hawaii. The container has traditionally had space to house the Concrete Canoe, the Concrete Canoe section display, the Timber-Strong Design Build panelized sections, the Geowall box and materials, the Surveying Competition equipment, the Environmental competition equipment, and the Steel Bridge sections. For smaller items, such as steel bridge sections, it is also possible to transport them by packaging them and checking them in on the flight.

How has UHM coordinated transport in previous years?

In previous years UHM has purchased ground transportation in Hawaii from Pacific Transfer. UHM has traditionally received boating and ground transportation in the continental United States from Pasha Hawaii. Fees and dates are typically agreed upon at least two months in advance of the expected transport date to ensure the container and transport bookings will be available for the requested dates.

How long does transportation typically take from Hawaii to California?

UHM typically allocates a minimum of three weeks to ensure prompt arrival of the container to the designated location in time for the competition.

How long does it take to pack and unpack the container?

UHM typically allocates two to three days on its home campus for loading and unloading of all competition paraphernalia from the container. 

How does UHM typically access and remove equipment from the container during competition days?

UHM typically accesses the container at the designated location throughout the competition as available. Transportation of materials from the container to competition sites is typically done through the use of rental cars and U-Hauls.