ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition

ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition

Since the early 1970s, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) student chapters have competed to be the best at designing, constructing, and racing concrete canoes. During that time, canoe mixtures and designs have varied, but the long-established tradition of teamwork, camaraderie, and spirited competition has been constant. Each year, teams, their associates, judges, and other participants build upon this tradition. This year, teams answered a call for Technical Proposals and Enhanced Focus Area Reports and are competing to be the winning bid on a prototype standardized canoe design for future concrete canoe competitions. Learn more about the competition.

ASCE Sustainable Solutions Competition

The ASCE Sustainable Solutions Competition challenges students to develop a stronger understanding of sustainability and learn to incorporate sustainable solutions into everyday problems that engineers incur. Students are encouraged to be creative in their solutions and use all resources available. Learn more about the competition.

ASCE UESI Surveying Competition

ASCE UESI Surveying Competition logo

The ASCE UESI Surveying Competition’s educational and professional goals include a recognition of the importance of basic surveying principles to all civil engineering projects. Students will be required to use standard field and office equipment and procedures to solve common problems encountered in industry. A clear understanding of and ability to apply basic surveying principles will assist the graduate civil engineer in communicating and working with the surveying professionals on the job site and during the design process. Learn more about the competition.

Student Steel Bridge Competition

ASCE and the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) are partnering to offer the Student Steel Bridge Competition (SSBC) at ASCE Student Symposia.

The mission of the Student Steel Bridge Competition is to challenge students to extend their classroom knowledge to a practical and hands-on steel-design project that grows their interpersonal and professional skills, encourages innovation, and fosters impactful relationships between students and industry professionals. Learn more about the competition.

ASCE Construction Institute Student Symposium Competition – Pilot Competition

Construction Institute Competition logo

The Construction Institute Student Symposium Competition provides a construction engineering experience for civil engineering students through a challenge project. Team tasks include developing a schedule, estimate, and risk management documents, as well as delivering an oral presentation. This competition will continue to be offered as a pilot competition (held at a few select student symposia) in 2022. Learn more about the competition.

ASCE Technical Paper Competition (MANDATORY)

The technical paper competition is one of the simplest competitions on offer. Students will be provided with a prompt and will subsequently write a well-researched paper. Last year’s prompt asked students how the civil engineering profession should respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. All participating universities are required to submit papers to this competition.


Students will design and build their own mechanically stabilized retaining walls. These walls will be tested until failure by simulating a live load with hundreds of pounds of sand. This competition is a favorite amongst aspiring geotechnical engineers.

Concrete Cornhole

A beloved tradition for the Great Lakes Region where students design and build their own concrete cornhole boards. Extra points are awarded based on aesthetics, weight, and overall strength. Luck is also a factor in this competition as one throw could be the difference between winning and a broken board.

Quiz Bowl

Modeled after “Jeopardy”, students will be tested on their civil engineering knowledge in this high-stakes and fast-paced competition. Historically, question topics have ranged from “name that aggregate” to “famous civil engineers”.

Scavenger Hunt

Inspired by another hit T.V. show, “The Amazing Race”, students will be pushed to their physical limit as they race around campus to complete various civil engineering related challenges.

Volleyball Tournament

Only so many universities can race their canoes on the lake at the same time. For those who are waiting, we will offer a casual volleyball tournament on the sidelines.